What is family therapy?

Family therapy is a type of psicological therapy that is done to the whole family at the same time in order to change certain things and behaviours that family members may have that can become detrimental and undesirable or damaging to the relationship of the family. It’s objective is to change the behaviours and relationships within the family to form a healthier environment everyday in your house and other places where you interact with your family.

No matter the school of thought each therapist has, they all agree that it’s benefitial for the family if every member attends each session. (Source: http://www.webmd.com/balance/family-therapy-6301)

What does a family therapist do?

A family therapist is the doctor in charge of helping the changing in the organization of the family structure and the behaviour of the individuals.

Most families tend to identify a certain individual as the one in fault of the damage between the members of the family, the family therapist is in charge of aiding the family in changing from this individualistic point of view to starting working and focusing more on the whole family instead of just said individual.

The therapist is also in charge of identifying strenghts and weeknesses within the family in order to propose that they work on fixing their weeknesses using the strenghts that they already posess.

This type of therapy is more active than most other sorts of therapy, this is because members of the family that are getting treatment often don’t do enough work to help the strengthtening of the relationships between the family members, so the therapist often gives tasks to either the parents or the children, something that they can work on as soon as they get back home.

What changes can you expect after getting family therapy?

You can expect a more relaxed feeling when interacting within your family, as every member will have a healthier, friendlier and lighter relationship with each other. If your interactions and behaviour towards your family are usually uneasy or tense, you will be very happy when you find that your children are more helpful in the household, and your partner stops blaming you so much for every single thing (we know that happens a lot!).

Family Therapy is Good

Are there any risks in getting family therapy?

There are very few risks, and the magnitud of such risks isn’t very high.

One of the few risks is that family therapy can be of more damage than it is of help if it isn’t done properly. This happens often when the therapy is done by someone that isn’t an expert in family psychology, a “fake” therapist that didn’t go through the actual training to become a therapist, or just an outright bad therapist. But we can assure you that Dr. J. Decker is a really good family therapist that has gone through all the trainings and is very good at his trade. He has helped well over 100 families in the U.S.!